Thursday, June 23, 2016

Skye Neist Pointe

I went here just to check out the cliffs and the way it went around to get u to the big castle at the top. There's a lot of cool areas at this place..When you first tp in, your in a forest setting and the sun rays beam now on you. As you make your way around, you can either make your way to the beach or make your way up along the cliffs and over the bridges to make your way up to the castle at the top.
There's also a connected sim where they have castles for sale.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

[ Elysion }

Ok so this one was kind of spur of of the moment. I went there to attend a bonfire event they had and decide to take some pics as use it as my next post. A while back, a friend brought me here to experience a different kind of place with different music then you normally get from most clubs.
Elysion is an adult lounge...and no not that kind of adult lol., that have many events for you to enjoy and use different locations on the sim to have them..Its actaully a members only place, so you have to be part of the group to be here. I also noticed while I was here they have another part. Its called the Luxe. its a burlesque show. I havent seen it but Im sure it would be interesting to see.

LM [ Elysion ]

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cumberland City

I chose to go here because over the last year Ive noticed alot of people going here and say how wonderful it is there. I decided to take a stroll around some of the sims and this place is huge!!
Cumberland is a family residential and roleplay community with 36 sims , with each sim having its own theme, but its all connected as one big place with so many activities to do there. For example, you can go work at the police station, the hospital, and even take part in the schools and so much more. Some of the sims i did visit were Angel Grove, Cumberland Falls, Cherry Falls, and Cheshire Grim

LM.....Cumberland City

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

TELRUNYA - Forest of Dreams -

First place I decided to go check out was this forest. Walking around Ive found it to be a beautiful place. There are a lot of spots all over the forest for people to take pictures… Its a magical forest for fairies, fauns, elves and those who love to be lost in a dreamworld!

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