Saturday, August 27, 2016


I saw someone post something about this new sim. Arranmore is a new creation by Lauren Bentham. Her previous works are Netherwoods, Everwinter, and  Baja Norte, and they are all wonderfully done. It is a wonderful sim to explore, to view it best you should keep the windlight setting where it is and use the flashlight that is provided to you when you land.
    To add a bit about Arranmore, here is a little info on what the place is about. The island of Arranmore, is today, a sleepy, almost deserted island, but was once a thriving community, small, but very active. The fishing port was the main source of income for the islanders, but they also relied heavily upon the investment from Lord & Lady Inman, who were the owners of the large manor house in the centre of the island.

LM Arranmore


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