Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Membata....A place of mystery and treasures with a dash of fantasy. Create your own path and discover solace and peace while possibly making it a little more spicy to your taste, its all up to you!
     So I went here to check it out. It looks like a small area but there is alot to explore here. It has a teleport system to teleport you to 9 different areas.
     "Lost island Game", Its an interactive game where you can take part in rescuing dazed survivors by simply finding them throughout the jungle and escorting them back to the camp. I began playing it for a bit. It was fun to take part in.
     "The Naiads", the underwater Membata, where you can take part into a treasure chest hunt with the chance of winning underwater inspired items and discover a mermaid inspired world.
     "The Wishing Tree", the serenity hangout, where you can submit your wishes and just enjoy the scenery.
     "The Pirate's Cove", the shipwreck hangout, where you can simply spend quality time on your own or with friends, 
     "The Cave",
     "The Dungeon".D/s themed where you can explore the dark side of this place.
     "Fairy's Den", the pixie dust friendly area, where fairies and pixie friends can enjoy the highest view point of Membata together.
     "The Dream Scene". the scene rezzer area, where several choices are offered to rez as your own private skybox and available temporary for the length of your stay.
     "The Mountain", the Shibari Japanese inspired area, where your relaxation may come in many different ways. 
     I enjoyed exploring this area..there is a lot to do here. Someone can spend a good amount of time here checking out the area and taking part in the game.

LM: {Membata}

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