Monday, July 18, 2016

Soyokaze...The Bushido Challenge

Soyokaze is a beautiful Japanese themed sim with many places to explore. But the main reason I went there was for the what they have there to test your skill.....The Bushido Challenge.
     The Bushido challenge is based off the Bushido Code used by ancient Japanese samurai. Its a code of honor and morals that they lived by, and it has 7 parts to it. 1. Gi (Justice & Morality) 2. Yu (Heroic Courage) 3. Jin (Compassion) 4. Rei (Polite Courtesy) 5, Makoto (Sincerity) 6. Meiyo (Honour) 7. Chu (Duty & Loyalty)

     As you make your way to the start of this challenge you encounter a young female at the have to interact with her to begin....
.'Princess Ayuki'
""Oh thank the gods!  I need your help!
Some time ago, something went terribly wrong while I was teleporting and I became stranded in a vast labyrinth of dark tunnels. Now I am caught between worlds! I need a brave adventurer to enter this portal, solve the Bushido Code, and free me from this netherworld!
Please join the Soyokaze and enter the portal to begin your quest! I will wait for you under the sign of the samurai!""
     You tp in and find your self in a roon with 7 portals, with arrows on the floor indication which portal to take and what direction to go as you finish each of tests... Now within this challenge there are some monkeys sitting around and apparetnly they can talk so if you ask them a question, they will talk and help you. 
Gi challange: You have to make your way through lasers
Yu challenge: You have to click on the crystals as you go through the game and come pack to put them in order from the tune that is played
Jin challenge: You have to make your way on a floor maze making sure to walk on the correct floor piece or you fall down 
Rei challenge: Answer a riddle
Makato challenge: You build a latter from pieces ..then go talk to a monkey lol
Meiyo challenge: Archery targets
Chu challenge: A floor puzzle where you have to find each of the 7 codes in order
     As you complete each challenge you unlock a chest to get a piece of armor, or a key to unlock a cell to open a chest in another part of the challenge. I enjoyed doing takes some time to do but well woth it...I failed at some of the challenges but it was fun to do,

LM: Soyokaze

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